The Art of: Fine Lines (6/10)

The Art of: Fine Lines

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nail Art, from the very beginning right through to the good stuff. | taught by Penny Lawler

Course description

Welcome to Monaco Nail Academy’s Tech Booster, a series of online courses aimed at helping Nail Technicians around the country improve their skills.

It’s important to note that this is Tech BOOSTER not Tech MAKER – it is designed to compliment the live, in-person training you have already received or are receiving. You cannot substitute an Educator watching what you’re doing, analyzing how you went wrong and demonstrating live how to fix that. And for that reason, only students and graduates of recognized nail schools will have their enrolments accepted.

So, if all our participants are already studying, why have we put this together? Originally we just wanted to help our beginner students. This course includes a video covering every single demo from our comprehensive, live, Nail Tech Training, plus bonus demos of advanced techniques we couldn’t include.

When you’re a beginner, you are taking in a HUGE amount of information every day and it’s impossible to retain everything. While we invite our students to repeat classes they need help with, many can’t find time around family and work commitments and others don’t need to repeat the entire course, just one or two techniques.

They could go and watch YouTube, but the videos available on YouTube are usually designed to sell a product, or they are shortened for watchability. While we do have preferred products that we will use during these Tech Booster lessons, the techniques we teach are not product specific. And because we’re not publishing these on social media to gain subscribers or views, we can make these tutorials far more indepth than anything else available.

Once you watch each video, you have access to the built in discussion boards where our educators are available 7 days a week to help with questions and troubleshooting.

Joining one of our Tech Booster Courses is not just buying a set of videos. You are buying support and back up from a team of people who want you to be the best Nail Tech you can be.

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Penny  Lawler
Penny Lawler

Penny Lawler has combined her two passions - teaching and the beauty industry - into an extremely successful career.

She began working in adult education in 2006 and qualified as a Nail Technician a year later. In 2011 she took the leap to make nails her full time job and it was a natural progression to include education within that role.

Between 2011-2016 she built 4 successful businesses, all within the beauty industry - the very first of which was a nail salon that went from zero clients in a spare bedroom to 300 clients and several staff in 18 months.

"With 9 years’ industry experience including 5 years running a school for Nail Technicians I see, on a daily basis, a steady stream of women who are drawn to our industry by passion BUT so many struggle after graduation, lacking the skills to turn their qualification into a viable business."

Penny now shifts her focus to mentoring others in the industry and turning passion into profit.